Friday, April 06, 2007

Picture This

If you don't know, the Federal Government is working on giving financial subsidies and "coupons" to families and households for "upgrades" in communication technologies (PCs, Macs, TVs, Radios, etc), to digital. These technologies, in good part due their increasing ubiquity, will, of course, ensure the universal monitoring capabilities of those who "give" them to you. that's what they're for, and that's what televisions, etc, have always been about; ensuring access on the part of advertising, paying ideologies, propoganda, etc., to you and yours.

SO?...low-tech, low hack really...will hopefully be the garage hobby of The Independent (or Otherwise Dependent). Networks of public 'landlines' such as payphones (for ex), should be phreaked Old School style to ensure there will always be these technologies (provided of course the Wire network is considered useful for Them). TVs that are currently digital compatible - but not necessarily so thoroughly mainlined with the impending new systems to be monitorable from "outside" - should be opengame from "hobby electronics", rendering them signal-reading, but not sending. Just a weird, paranoid thought.


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