Friday, April 06, 2007

Rambling State of the Author Address

The counsel from the "Frumkeit" Matrix subliminally seems to engineer that someone with kashiyot is so utterly embroiled in "grasping the reality of Torah life"...i.e. The Mundane, being stressed about tuitions, (B"H)childrens needs, community responsibilities (granted that "engross yourself in a community" is a oft heard, and essentially fine counsel), Talmud Torah, etc, ensures that one will generally not have leftover time or energy to address particular kashiot one has in faith, ideology, etc.

This should be an acknowledged consequence when the yiddishism "one doesn't die from a question" is bandstanded; the social engineering, however unconscious, is to make for too much life...too many little lives and wives...hanging on there not being a space/place/time for kashiot!!! The system thusly engineered would have you policing yourself such that "you should be proud" you don't have time/energy to "waste" on "klatz kashias"....though, as defenses/justifications of Orthodoxies of all kinds so often do...they are undermined by the Tradition (in this case Divinely-Sourced Tradition), they seek to justify/defend. One "modern man's" klotz kashia was often a Rishon/Acharon's Dvar Torah. But present sociological context of the Religiousness, so often given the Veto (which should remain with the actual Halakha), not the vote they deserve - prevents what may be a tshuvah for a kashia from even being considered "considerable".


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