Thursday, April 21, 2011

On Other-than Divine Authorship
I was just thinking of IMing a friend of mine, asking for prayer due to the profoundly dark mood I've found myself/put myself in - in part the sense that all I have left is hope, sensing no other connection to God, Who at times seems like an abusive father; thus far, emunah, "trust" in Him only applies to certain norms held by society (that he sustains his dependents, etc), while privately (within the confines of the home, i.e., Creation), horrible things and emotional neglect can be the norm. In that sense, in the home of Creation - a meek, whimpering pleading "hope" is all the abused can have, since in 'dealing' with God, He "is not a man that he should change", etc, etc. The Father, in this case, does not cease his sustaining/neglecting ways, the abused can't look forward to some other way He could be.

But Scripture, as His defenders swiftly point out, promises all kinds of goodies and goodness, so obviously I and my mood (which I admit it to be), are wrong, and it's just a matter of perception, not reality, since "Scripture" accounts reality from Him one way or another Who is the Author of reality one way or another. So...the One that one finds to be the abuser and Negligent in a relationship, is the very person responsible for the stories and songs and whatnot we tell ourselves about how, despite the reality of our experiences, He's actually got goodies and niceness in store for us - as long as WE behave and show obeisance to the [Abusive, Neglectful] Father alone, etc...I've asked before; how is this not the lowest, deepest masochism?

so as Satan's Advocate, I suggest that if one asks from the theodicy/unanswered prayer side of the God debates - it would almost seem better if the evidencing texts (Tanach, whathaveyou), brought in defense of His existence or relevance were ultimately authored by life-experiencing humans, were the ones "ultimately responsible for the stories and song and whatnot", who pleaded His case and wax His deeds with consistency by quantified assessment and experience of all the goodies and niceness.


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