Wednesday, February 09, 2011

"Gosh, we're all really impressed down here,
I can tell You..."
Maybe I believe too much about a God who is Too Great and Too Big, Too Powerful. And this is dangerous. He can appear to change, to change His mind from our knowledge or our perspective by simply not revealing all to us, neither through the collective 'us' (via mesorah - parameters and depths of which fluctuate over time, etc), the history of us and what's 'ours', or through 'academic' scholarly study of either or everything. He can Sanctify the 'works' of man, tell the greatest 'Truths before, become and beyond facts' through myths, the multitude of human expression, He can say what is "good", what is "very good", all these things he can do like no other, for there is no other. A God who can create through natural events, time, hide the miracle in the mundane, the love in the potch and vice versa.

Of course materialists say something like this about matter. Did Matter meet man on The Matterhorn, reveal to them Matterself that materialists believe these things?

But why did you Make me so impotent, nebish and strange?


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