Thursday, September 06, 2007

Requiem for "their" Future

[our future really - considering it will include most of us] Following previous posts (1, 2, 3); I think the time is coming for dividing between a more-true optimism and less-true pessimism in the realm of the real - and the real will bring it about for us. IOW, I agree with those who think things are going to go to Gehinnom (or worse), within the next, say, 8 years (just look at the oceans now; pretty gloomy, open that one at your own risk). Peak Oil, peak everything. But enough about me (...on my blog? that possible?). So many people I know actually will say to me that "if some [insert terrorist attack, pandemic, personal crisis, etc] happens...oh well! I'm not going to live differently now for 'the inevitable'". Short term sacrifices for short term gains based on shortsightedness. And I'm the pessimist for at least pretentiously worrying longterm? It sounds implied in their responses that any of these events or none of these events could happen - so why plan for the possibility of any of these events...actually happening?

From the personal to the collective; exercise, eating well, living in safe places, producing and consuming regionally, having decent [sustainable, ethical] domestic and foreign policy - done properly both enhance the cherished 'now' and prevent problems in the future (which is obvious because many people and nations have made such decisions successfully). They prevent conceptual inevitabilities from even becoming localized possibilities. For [seemingly pointless]example; not every city is in the top ten for violent crime rates, worst pollution, etc...because of course there are more than ten cities. Really. There are.
more to say.
Unless the lights go out for the very last time.


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