Thursday, November 23, 2006

In Baltimore as it Is in Heaven
I'm moved by the actions of the souls among the Umot haOlam who've given [of] their lives for others - but not by their motivation! Which is to say the figure of Jesus. If J.C. was not whom the Christian Scriptures said he was, the savior of the world, etc., what's to be said of the more-saintly of the actions of his followers - are they therefore even further wasted gestures? Many of them actually saved lives, gave of their lives, at times tragically gave up their lives in helping others...which is to say actually helped people. In this it would seem they surpassed their motivation, and I would offer perhaps 'transfigured' the shackles of error into something with a touch of truth. Next Wednesday will be the 26th anniversary of the passing of Dorothy Day (here's a piece from First Things on the announcement of her possible canonization).
"Our problems stem from our
acceptance of this filthy,
rotten system"-Dorothy Day


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