Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Death of Ideologies

We've been yotzei "observance" and "belief" through ideological filters for so long, we now have profound trouble even comprehending observance and faith outside of the "sanctioned" set of competing and faltering institutions and affiliations - that have existed for a juvenile 200 years, "Orthodoxy" included. How is it possible that we've given mere ideology the authority and responsibility to regulate Torah? The filters are failing, people are gagging, spiritually and psychologically, on what slips through - even if it's just fresh air! "Insipid and meaningless" are terms bantered around about all facets of Jewish public life ("denominations") ; frum rabbis kids say it about their "Carlebachian" dad's shul, Conservative and Reform kids the same, everyone's kids and not a few adults are wondering off to other Jewish settings - or none at all. As a believing person, I can't despair of Whom I believe is Divine. But humans - and human institutions - have definitely lost their grip.


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